"As young people we are exposed to approximately 3,000 ad messages per day. Never stop questioning."

Media Literacy

Media is any form of mass-communication. Movies, TV, radio, magazines, websites, and newspapers are all forms of media.

Literacy is awareness, knowledge and/or an understanding of a particular topic.

Media literacy is the skill of being aware and understanding what is being communicated to you through media.

Why Should I be Media Literate?

Having a skill set that allows you to be critical of media message will help you:

Questioning the Media

  • Media often glamorizes and normalizes unhealthy behaviors, ultimately affecting our overall health and well-being
  • These advertisements are sending us the message that these unhealthy habits are cool and normal, but in reality certain habits can be deadly

Learn how to question the media

Take Action

Want to take action against the media manipulating youth through movies and television?

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Reasons to be Media Literate

Having a skill set that allows you to be critical media messages will help you:

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