Sexual Health

Teen Pregnancy

The number of teen pregnancies in Niagara is higher than the average for all of Ontario.

Niagara’s teen pregnancy rate is 3.1 per cent, Ontario’s teen pregnancy rate is 2.5 per cent

It only takes a one-time occurrence of unprotected sex to get pregnant.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Common Sexually Transmitted Infections in Niagara include:

Protect yourself and your partner.

Safe Sex and Contraceptives

Abstinence is the only way to completely prevent and protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Type Effectiveness
when used correctly
Abstinence 100%
Condoms 98%
Female Condoms 95%
The Patch 99.7%
Oral Contraceptives 99.7%
NuvaRing 99.7
IUD (intrauterine device) 99.1%
IUS (intrauterine system – includes hormone) 99.8%


It is important to know the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships so that you can recognize when you are in one.

In a Healthy Relationship You In an Unhealthy Relationship You
Can be yourself Do not feel comfortable being yourself
Respect and support one another Try to control the other / are being controlled
Communicate openly and listen to each other Experience mental, physical, or verbal abuse
Have fun together Are made to feel bad about yourself

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