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The "Ugly Truth" about tobacco

How the tobacco industry contributes to animal cruelty

What we are doing

To counter the efforts of the tobacco industry, REACT is trying to denormalize the the use of tobacco products by:

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REACT encourages you to:

Bill 45 - Making Healthier Choices Act

Ontario is introducing legislation today to protect youth from the dangers of tobacco and the potential harms of electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigarettes.

Bill 45 will make e-cigarettes fall under the category of a tobacco product. They will be prohibited to sell to youth and anywhere smoking is not allowed, the use of e-cigarettes will also be banned.

The bill will also ban the sales of all flavoured tobacco products which are purposely targeted towards youth.

It will increase fines for those who sell tobacco to youth making it harder for them get access to it.

Enforcement will also be strengthened to allow for testing of substances in waterpipes (such as hookah, shisha) in indoor public places.

An estimated 57,300 Ontario youth used flavoured tobacco products in 2013.

There are 2.75 million young people living in Ontario who will be protected by ensuring a full tobacco flavor ban is passed with Bill 45.

Videos Supporting Bill 45

E - Cigarettes Flavoured Tobacco

Smoke-free Movies

REACT advocating Smoke Free Movies at the Can View Drive In

Smoke Free Movies is a group of project partners working together to raise awareness of smoking in films.

Our goal is to raise the film rating if there is on screen tobacco use so our youth don't grow up being exposed to smoking in movies, or seeing their favourite characters smoke, therefore thinking it's okay or cool.

REACT's movie review for Divergent

Why Smoke-free Movies are important

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Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces

(hyperlink Smoke-Free Outdoor Spaces:

Starting Jan. 1, 2015, it is illegal to smoke on all restaurants and bar patios (covered and uncovered) under the Smoke-free Ontario Act.

Areas where smoking is prohibited

In order to educate the community about this act, REACT participates in events hosted by Smoke-free Outdoor Spaces, including parades.

Photos from the event

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